Aim for the Animite
Aim for the Animite
Mini-game Information
Location Cald
Cost 30 Animite
Prize Variable tickets

Aim for the Animite is the third and final mini-game which can be played. It is located in the northwest of the town in Cald along with Scrub the Brub. Aim for the Animite can only be played after retrieving Wence's Arrow from the town in the Underneath after Wence rescues Tony. Like Scrub the Brub, the efficiency of gaining tickets is limited by the distance to the Curio Shop in Vash Naroom


The goal of the mini-game is to hit the various targets in a shooting field in exchange for points. Hitting a piece of Animite nets 10 points while hitting one of the moving targets results in a gain of either 1, 3, or 5 points depending on how high it is on the screen. Like Scrub the Brub, tickets are awarded equal to the number of points earned during the allotted time.

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