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Allegiance Relic

Allegiance Relic

CCG Information
Gameboy Information
Series Information
Moonland Unknown
User(s) Agram

The Allegiance Relic is a Relic consisting of two overlapping rings with a purple, eye-shaped gem in the middle. This Relic can be used to change between being a normal Magi and being a Shadow Magi. However, without the targeted Magi accepting the change or being influenced by a Willingness spell, the user instead will switch allegiance.

TV Series

Strag, Chur, and Agram have owned Allegiance Relics. source needed An Allegiance Relic was used to convert Orwin into a Shadow Magi. source needed An Allegiance Relic also was used by Strag to return his childhood friend, Inara, to a normal Magi. The Shadow You Know

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