Amara TR
Magi Information
Species Eliwan
CCG Information
Moonland Arderial
Expansion Set Traitor's Reach
Rarity Uncommon

Amara is a Magi from Arderial who had large, black wings. She was a contemporary of Tuku who was petrified by Agram and released a thousand years later by Sorreah.

Magi-Nation Duel

Amara would have been released as a part of the Traitor's Reach expansion of Magi-Nation Duel, but the set was not released. Her starting cards are Shooting Star, Lightning Hyren, and Rainbow Hyren.


Amara was an Eliwan from an age before Dream Creatures were used outside of the Core and was a contemporary of Tuku. She was trapped by Agram as a stone statue which came to rest in the Arderian plaza. While trapped, she dreamed of Sorreah and called out to him with her mind to rescue her. She was re-animated roughly a thousand years after her imprisonment within the statue, and Sorreah suggested that they see Delia in the Hall of Scholars.

On the way the two were ambushed by Rabid Wasperines. Amara was able to use a spell similar to a miniature Shockwave to vanquish them while also taking out Sorreah's Warlum. As she was unfamiliar with the Dream Plane, she thought she had killed the Creature until told otherwise by Sorreah.

Upon arriving at the historical site of her defeat, she found a transporter circle leading to the Shadow Hold and used it to look for a bow she had been given by her father. She soon found her bow amidst a pile of armor; however, Sorreah accidentally bumped a shield with his wing, stirring a Gorath and a flock of Chaos Pliths. Using her bow, Amara shot magical arrows at the attackers, returning a Chaos Plith into ordinary Plith to help fight. The Gorath, however, knocked her bow out of her hands with its chains and was joined by Rabid Wasperines. After regaining her bow, the two bolted for the Shadow Hold's stairs and found themselves at the ancient entrance to the Core, itself. With no alternative, the two entered the Core. Amara's Story

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