Arena Night
Season 1, Episode 8
S1E08 Underneath Arena
Episode guide
"First Geyser"
"The Shadow You Know"
Production Information
Air date November 10, 2007
Written by Shawn Kalb
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting Underneath

Arena Night is the eighth episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on November 10, 2007.


While in the Underneath, Strag is met with hostility for leaving the region's arena. He reunites with his sister, Inara, who challenges him to a battle in the arena for the region's Dreamstone. However, the battle was just a ruse, and Inara reveals herself to be a Shadow Magi.


Tony Jones, Edyn, and Strag try to capture a Bisiwog in the Underneath. Eventually they capture it, and it becomes Edyn's creature. Tony and Edyn remark that Strag seems to be acting strange; as they enter a town where a group of Underneath Magi start booing Strag.

As they walk through the town, more residents start talking about Strag, eventually one challenges him. After a short duel between Strag's Freep and the man's Agovo, they leave and continue on their way. Shortly before reaching Strag's home they pass a large structure. When Edyn asks what it is, Strag starts talking about how it's built, ignoring her question. Tony says that it's an arena.

At Strag's house they meet his parents. His father is not pleased to see him; during dinner it's revealed that Strag was a champion in the arena, until he became disgusted by the cheating that had become common-place, and quit; this is the reason the Underneathers dislike Strag. Further, Strag mentions that Agram is actually a distant relative of theirs, so his quest to defeat him is not viewed as heroic.

Later, the three of them are reading from the Book of Elders, it's next clue is in the form of a venn diagram, whose use Tony explains.

They then meet a Magi named Inara, whose was Strag's friend when they were kids. She mentions that she has the Underneath Dreamstone, which is attached to the trophy given to the champion of the arena. She challenges Strag to a duel for the trophy.

Inara's Dream Creature is revealed to be a powerful shape-shifting creature named Tri-Vas, that can transform into three different creatures.

Using her three-in-one creature she easily defeats Strag in round 1. In between rounds Edyn uses a spell to see that Inara has actually captured three different creatures and used magic to make them act as one. They take their individual forms on certain parts of the arena, and are shown to shift between them in the overlapping areas; like the Venn diagram mentioned earlier.

Stragg lures them into the center of the arena and defeats all three creatures with one attack. When he does so, they split apart and Inara is disqualified for cheating. However the Dreamstone on the trophy turns out to be a fake. One of Inara's creatures thanks them for saving him, then tells them the location of the real one. Then Inara shows her true form as a Shadow Magi and flies off on a creature to capture the real Dreamstone.

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