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Ashgar MND
Card Image
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Ashgar is a magi native to the Cald. In Magi-Nation Duel, he is specified as Cald's "Flamekeeper" although in the GBC game he is the town elder.


Ashgar owns a key that can most locks, which Tony is forced to steal during the game's plot. Later on, he can choose to return it or keep it. Failing to return the key results in most of Cald's residents, including Ashgar turning against Tony and refusing to speak with him.

Magi-Nation Duel

Nice Ashgar
Congratulating Tony
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Ashgar's Magi-Nation Duel card was included in the Basic and Unlimited releases.


  • Ashgar's sprite is actually used by a couple other characters, one such individual being a resident of the Underneath.

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