Ashgar's Key


CCG Information
Gameboy Information
Moonland Cald
User(s) Ashgar
Tony Jones
Series Information

Ashgar's Key is an old Relic from Cald owned by Ashgar, the region's elder. This key has the ability to unlock any door or lock.


Ashgar's Key was kept on a bookshelf in Ashgar's house. Valkan mentioned the key, along with Agadon's Boots, after the bridge made by Tony Jones's Lava Arboll collapsed. The two then went to Ashgar's house to take the key, with Valkan distracting Ashgar so that Tony could take the key without being noticed. The key subsequently was used by Tony to unlock the vault in Orothe in order to obtain Agadon's Boots.

After using the key, Tony could return it while Valkan again distracted Ashgar. Alternatively, Tony could keep the key, being labeled a thief by the Calders, and unlock other doors, including the one behind Gia's house, to obtain other Relics. Tony'd doing so would also be mentioned by Warrada within the Shadow Geyser in Cald.

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