Ashio MND

S1E05 Ashio

CCG Information
Moonland Core / Weave
Expansion Set Dream's End
Series Information
Moonland Core
First Appearance "Blight"

Ashio is a Shadow Magi who was originally native to the Weave. He possesses green skin and long, blonde hair.

Magi-Nation Duel

Ashio was released as a part of the Dream's End release of Magi-Nation Duel. His card's ability to counter cards designed to be used against Core decks is especially useful in tandem with Core abilities to control the opponent's cards.

As a child, Ashio wondered why no one was officially in charge of the Magi of the Weave. He asked Gia and found out that Weaver Magi think of themselves as parts of a larger picture in which no one possesses full control. Weapons of Darkness As Ashio grew up, he shunned such an idea, leaving the Weave to become a Shadow Magi and later to become the ruler of the Weave.

Upon Agram's defeat by Tony Jones, Ashio and the other Shadow Magi sought refuge in the Weave. In the following conflict between the Weave and Cald, Ashio fought against Nagsis, who was disguised as Gia, but was defeated.

TV Series

Ashio spread a plague throughout Paradwyn. He attempted to kidnap Iyori but instead was tricked by Edyn, who had disguised herself. Blight

Dream Creatures

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