Athik MND


Dream Creature Information
Animite Animite Underneath
CCG Information
Moonland Underneath
Expansion Set Awakenings
Series Information
Moonland Underneath

Athik is a Dream Creature native to the Underneath which resembles a giant blue snail with a spiky shell and bioluminescent eye stalks.

Magi-Nation Duel

Athik was released as a part of the Awakenings expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. This card is immune to Core spells and abilities and can fully drain a Core Magi's energy.

TV Series

An unnamed jungle green variety of Athik from Paradwyn was summoned by the Mythicore to defend against Shalax, Agram's hunter. The Ultimate Dream Creature

An unnamed red variety of Athik was used by one of the Magi who assembled to fight against Agram. Day of Destiny

Battle for the Moonlands

Athink was one of the five forgeable Dream Creatures from the Underneath.

  • Cost: 9 Athik Animite
  • Attack: DRAIN up to 4 EN (All Opponent Units)
  • Power Up: RAISE WSDM by 7 pts for 6 turn (1 Team Unit)
  • Attack: DRAIN up to 4 EN (1 Opponent Unit)
  • Power Up: RAISE WSDM by 6 pts for 6 turn (All Team DC)

CCG Gallery


  • Due to bearing a snail-like shell, Athik somewhat resembles Mydra and Obsis.

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