Baby Orathan
Baby Orathan TV
Dream Creature Information
Species Orathan
Series Information
Moonland Arderial
Partner(s) Tony Jones
First Appearance "Cloud Cover"

Baby Orathan is a medium-sized whale-like Dream Creature from Arderial. Like the mature Orathan Flyers, Baby Orathan swims through the clouds. He has a yellow star with a red center on his forehead and possesses white wings instead of fins.

TV Series

A Baby Orathan got lost from his family of Orathan Flyers. He was pointed in the right direction by Tony Jones. Cloud Cover The same Baby Orathan later rescued rescued Tony after he fell through the clouds and subsequently offered to become Tony's Dream Creature. source needed


Baby Orathan can wave its tail to fire sky waves of blue, air-based energy.

Related Species

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