Balamant Pup

Balamant Pup MND

Balamant Pup TV

Dream Creature Information
Species Balamant
CCG Information
Moonland Naroom
Expansion Set First Edition
Series Information
Moonland Naroom

Balamant Pup is the offspring of Balamant, a Dream Creature found in Naroom. They are furry, dog-like Creatures with large tufts of fur on the ends of their stalky tail and ears.

Magi-Nation Duel

Balamant was released as a part of the First Edition and Unlimited sets of Magi-Nation Duel. This card is designed to be used in tandem with other Balamant.

TV Series

Balamant Pups were kept as pets of Naroomese Magi. Kybar's Teeth

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