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Season 1, Episode 5
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"Fire and Ice"
"Enemy in the Sands"
Production Information
Air date October 20, 2007
Written by Kevin Lund
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting Paradwyn

Blight is the fifth episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on October 20, 2007.


Strag rescues a Iyori from core thrushes and learns that Paradywn suffers of a blight. Strag, Edyna, and Tony travel to Paradywn with a bag of five-leafed clovers. They are able to defeat the shadow magi, Ashio, rescue Iyori's father and cure both her and Paradywn.


Tony, Strag and Edyn rescue a Paradwyn Magi named Iyori from a pack of Core Drushes. She tells them that the Shadow Magi Ashio has unleashed a blight on Paradwyn which is poisoning the soil and causing all the plants and animals to die off. She also gives them a bag of five-leaved clover which was given to her by her father, who is being held by Ashio.

Tony, Strag and Edyn head to Paradwyn, while Iyori stays at Evu's place, as she is sick with the blight. Once at Paradwyn, Eidyn, disguising herself as Iyori, allows herself to be captured by Ashio, while Strag and Tony follow them to Ashio's hideout. Ashio reveals that he is destroying Paradwyn in an attempt to find the Paradwyn Dreamstone. Edyn tries to stop him by magining Ugger, but is restrained by Ashio before she can finish.

Tony and Strag meet a wild dream-creature named Saranther, a Bagala. She offers to assist them in defeating their common enemy, Ashio. The three then burst into Ashio's tower and defeat him, rescuing Edyn and Iyori's father. Saranther becomes Strag's Dream Creature, and they use the five-leaved clover to restore Paradwyn and to cure Iyori.

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