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Chur MND

S1E03 Chur

Magi Information
Species Shadow Magi
Moonland Kybar's Teeth
Expansion Set Dream's End
Rarity Rare
Series Information
Moonland Core
First Appearance "Kybar's Teeth"
Voice Actor Dwayne Hill

Chur is a Shadow Magi who was originally from Kybar's Teeth. Chur is distinguished by wearing animal fur and having a yellow gem in the center of the forehead.

Magi-Nation Duel

Chur was released as a part of the Dream's End expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. She has the ability to prevent opponents from using Relics, making her very useful against a variety of decks, Orothe in particular.

Chur was shunned by both the surface and Core Magi after Agram's defeat, and was forced to go into hiding after Tony's departure from the Moonlands. She was then held captive by the d'Reshi Magi after being led into a trap by the Shadow Magi, Korremar. Exile

TV Series

Chur attacked Tony Jones, Edyn, and Strag with rocks and powerful spells when they arrived in Kybar's Teeth. When the three saved his life after a misfired spell, Chur lost the Dreamstone to them. Kybar's Teeth

He later tried to burn the Book of Elders while in Bograth, not realizing that the book had magically teleported to Kybar's Teeth. The Forum of the Elders

Chur was one of the many Shadow Magi under the command of Orwin. After training alongside Tony, Edyn, and Strag, who were undercover as Shadow Magi, Chur and the other Shadow Magi tried and failed to defeat the Swamp Hyren, Mist Hyren, and Fog Hyren to take the Paradwyn Dreamstone. Magi Undercover

Information needed. Beware the Realm Raiders Information needed. Brave New Realm

Following the defeat of Agram, Chur happened upon the Book of Elders, complete with the twelve Dreamstones. Day of Destiny

Chur later kidnapped Tony to use as a bargaining tool to claim the Book of Elders. However, he failed as Tony managed to escape. Chur also lost the book to the Final Dreamers. The Final Hyren

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