Cloud Cover
Season 1, Episode 10
S1E10 Wind Academy
Episode guide
"The Shadow You Know"
"The Depths of Courage"
Production Information
Air date November 24, 2007
Written by Daniel Bryan Franklin
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting Arderial

Cloud Cover is the tenth episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on November 24, 2007.


Arderial is troubled by Cyclone Vashps, something which has not occurred since the building of the Cloud Keeper. Tony Jones uncovers that this threat is due to the region's Magistrate, Nimbulo, working with Korg and Zed. With help from Shimmer and the Arderial Guardian Hyren, the plot is foiled, but Arderial's Dreamstone is hidden by the Hyren.


Tony, Edyn, Strag, and Orwin fly on the back of Orwin's Shirdor to Arderial to retrieve a Dreamstone. Along the way they pass some Orathan Flyers, and then are attacked by Cyclone Vashps. After defeating them, they land in Arderial.

In Arderial, they meet up with Shimmer, an Arderial magi, she gives Tony a Silver Wing Relic, which will allow a Dream Creature to fly. Orwin leaves the others with Shimmer. While walking, they are stopped by Magistrate Nimbulo, who tells them that all visitors must have visas or they will be arrested, Shimmer tells him they were just going to get them. Tony, Edyn and Strag ride away on Furok, who has turned green from his fear of heights, towards a Dream Creature ranch.

After riding to a group of clouds on some Epiks, they begin solving the Books of Elders' riddle for the next Dreamstone. The book contains a map, with symbols representing different types of clouds, Tony uses his knowledge of clouds to help try to solve it. They are interupted by Cyclone Vashps again, and during the fight Tony is knocked from his Epik, but he is caught by the Baby Orathan they met earlier. After defeating the Vashps using his Djarmander, the Baby Orathan becomes Tony's Dream Creature as thanks for making him feel like a hero.

When they return to Arderial, they find it under attack from a swarm of Cyclone Vashps. Shimmer tells them that their hasn't been a Vashp attack since they built a Cloud Keeper, to prevent the clouds from moving. They go to check on the Cloud Keeper.

Furok overcomes his fear of heights after Tony uses the Silver Wing Relic on him so they can fly to the Cloud Keeper. Inside, they find Nimbulu plotting with Korg and Zed. After a long battle, Korg, Zed and Nimbulo are defeated, however, when Tony is turned away, he is attacked by Korg and Zed who are then blasted away by lightning. The Guardian Hyren appears, but explains that he can not give Tony the Dreamstone due to interfering. The Hyren then casts the Dreamstone down through the clouds and out of sight.


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