Core Stone


CCG Information
Gameboy Information
Moonland Core
User(s) Tony Jones
Series Information

Core Stones are red jewels that are the power source for the Shadow Geysers. Picking one up or even touching one will cause injury or poisoning to anyone who does so, save the Great Magus Kyros and the Core Keepers.


A total of five Core stones existed, one for each Moonland in which a Shadow Geyser appeared. The Core Stones were placed into the slots on the Core Glyph by Tony Jones to enhance its power. Magi-Nation (GBA)

TV Series

A total of twelve Dreamstones existed, one for each of the Moonlands including the Core. source needed The Dreamstones were placed into the slots on the Book of Elders in order to transform it into the Core Glyph and seal Agram back in the Core. Day of Destiny

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