Cyclone Vashp

Cyclone Vashp MND

S1E10 Shock Vashp

Shock Vashp MMORPG

Dream Creature Information
Species Vashp
Animite Animite Arderial
CCG Information
Moonland Arderial
Expansion Set First Edition
Rarity Common
Series Information
Moonland Arderial
First Appearance "Cloud Cover"

Cyclone Vashp is a type of Vashp which is native to Arderial. It more or less resembles a serpentine tornado. Cyclone Vashp are known to hibernate and are typically hostile.

Magi-Nation Duel

Cyclone Vashp was introduced in the First Edition and Unlimited releases of Magi-Nation Duel.

TV Series

Several wild, hostile Cyclone Vashp attacked the Arderian Magi. Cloud Cover

Battle for the Moonlands

Shock Vashp is one of five Arderian Dream Creatures encountered in the wild.

  • Cost - 15 Vashp Animite
  • Attack - Drain up to 12 EN (1 Opponent Unit)
  • Transfer - Transfet up to 14 EN to heal your weakest Unit (1 Team Magi)
  • Steal - Steal up to 12 EN to heal this unit (1 Opponent DC)
  • Attack - Drain up to 24 EN (1 Opponent Unit)

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