Darkbreed Hyren

Darkbreed Hyren MND

Darkbreed Hyren GBA

Dream Creature Information
Japanese Name ダークブリード。ハイレン
Species Hyren
Animite Animite Core
CCG Information
Moonland Core
Expansion Set Awakenings
Rarity Rare
Gameboy Information
Moonland Core

Darkbreed Hyren is a Hyren native to the Core. This dark Hyren is able to control other Hyrens.

Magi-Nation Duel

Darkbreed Hyren was released as a part of the Awakenings expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. This Hyren card, like that of Monarch Hyren, can take control of any other Hyren to prevent attacks.


Darkbreed Hyren took the place of Core Grag from Magi-Nation (GBC) and thus is relatively weak for a Hyren due to this replacement. This Hyren was encountered in the Core and in the Underneath Shadow Geyser and was used by Agram, Korremar, and various Shadow Magi.

Stat Initial Stat Levelup Gain Level 60 Stats
HP 118 2.35 146
STR 61 1.05 74
DEF 54 1.05 67
SPD 41 0.85 51
SKL 42 0.9 53
RES 56 1 68
* Averaged from a sample of 10. Individual results may vary.
Level Cost Target Effect Multiplier Regional Boost
Bite かみつき 48 5 energy Single target N/A 1.25 N/A
Jolt げきしんのそら 48 10 energy Single target N/A 2.5 Arderial
Curse のろい 48 10 energy Single target N/A 2.5 Core

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  • The flavor text is a reference to the inscription on the one ring in Lord of the Rings: "One ring to rule them all. One ring to find them. One ring to bring them all; and in the darkness, bind them."

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