Drush MND

Drush GBA

S1E05 Drush

Dream Creature Information
Japanese Name ドラッシュ
Species Drush
Animite Animite Core
CCG Information
Moonland Core
Expansion Set Dream's End
Rarity Uncommon
Gameboy Information
Moonland Core
Series Information
Moonland Core
First Appearance "Blight"

Drush (also known as Core Drush) is a Dream Creature native to the Core. Drush resembles a large cat whose body is partially skeletal.

Magi- Nation Duel

Drush was included in the Dream's End expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. Drush can be useful as a tool against players who have high-energy Creatures in play.


Drush is located at Orothe's Shadow Geyser, taking the place of Yvohcna from Magi-Nation (GBC).

  • Location: Orothe Shadow Geyser
  • Cost: 550 Animite, 3 Yvohcna Animite, 1 Platheus Animite (unforgeable)
  • Initial Level: 50
  • Luck: 20
Stat Initial Stat Levelup Gain Level 60 Stats
HP 125 2.4 149
STR 64 1.1 75
DEF 58 1.15 70
SPD 43 0.7 50
SKL 45 0.75 53
RES 61 1.1 72
* Averaged from a sample of 10. Individual results may vary.
Level Cost Target Effect Multiplier Regional Boost
Bite かみつき 50 5 energy Single target N/A 1.25 N/A
Ink スミはき 50 5 energy Self Sets Diversion status N/A N/A
Devour カブリツキ 50 20 energy Single target Chance to terminate target 2.25 N/A

TV Series

A group of Core Drushes attacked Iyori, a Paradwyn Magi. The Core Drushes were driven off by Tony Jones, Edyn, and Strag. Blight


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