Earth to Tony
Season 1, Episode 20
Houses TV
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"Beware the Realm Raiders"
"The Preserver"
Production Information
Air date February 23, 2008
Written by Daniel Bryan Franklin
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting Earth

Earth to Tony is the twentieth episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on February 23, 2008.


Tony uses a Vortex Relic to return to Earth and speaks to his grandfather about the Moonlands. Urged to return to combat Agram's forces, Tony returns just before he would have been unable to return. The Naroom Guardian Hyren gives Tony Naroom's Dreamstone upon his return.


Tony, Edyn, and Strag look into the Book of Elders and see a drawing of a stone pillar. All of a sudden, Tony gasps at seeing his house in the picture, but Strag and Edyn don't see anything. Later, Tony sees his friend run past and a car race through. Upon reaching the pillar, the trio is snatched up in a net by Chur and Zed, but escape thanks to Tony's diversion and Ugger's Wood Whip.

During a battle, Tony sees images of his house in the pillar and suddenly runs forward. No sooner does Tony touch the pillar, he vanishes. Korg finally shows up and Edyn and Strag are forced to retreat for now. Meanwhile, Tony reappears in his hometown and is reunited with his grandfather, Spencer Jones.

After spying on the Shadow Magi with his Moonsense, Strag learns the pillar is a Vortex Relic. It was all a set up; Agram wanted Tony to return home, hoping to eliminate him as a threat. Edyn and Strag only have until the sun sets to rescue him. Back home, Tony learns from Spencer about his fate. Every second generation of his family has been summoned to be tested in the Moonlands due to the Final Dreamer being foretold to come from the family's bloodline. The Magi blood has been in the Jones lineage for centuries.

However, Tony keeps seeing images of the Vortex Relic in varied places back home. He also becomes concerned about his grandfather, who doesn't seem well, but Spencer tells him to go back to the Moonlands to fulfill his destiny of defeating Agram, promising that he will see him again soon. Spencer also knows of the Vortex Relic Tony keeps seeing. It's getting smaller, meaning that the vortex is closing.

Tony touches the image of the relic in his grandfather's painting and is sent back to the Moonlands just in time as the sun has almost set fully. Later, the Guardian Hyren of Naroom appears, having taken Korg's form to stop Chur and Zed from destroying the pillar and gives Tony, as a reward for returning despite being given the chance to return and stay home, the Naroom Dreamstone he'd hidden in the pillar. The group now only needs two more Dreamstones.

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