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Enemy in the Sands
Season 1, Episode 6
S1E06 Sand Hyren
Episode guide
"First Geyser"
Production Information
Air date October 27, 2007
Written by Dave Dias
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting D'Resh

Enemy in the Sands is the sixth episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on October 27, 2007.


Quanjeul's appear in Naroom. Korg and Zed steal a scroll from the Naroom library and ride a Quanjuel into D'Resh. Tony, Edyn, and Strag follow them and end up stuck in the desert of D'Resh.


A pair of Quanjuels suddenly appear in front of Orwin's library. Strag informs Tony that Quanjuels can travel huge distances in a flash, and can even travel through time.

Shortly after, Korg and Zed appear and steal a scroll from the library and one of the Quanjuels, then flee to d'Resh. After Edyn makes some preparations, Tony, Strag and Edyn pursue them to d'Resh, where they are ambushed and their Quanjuel stolen, leaving them stranded in the desert.

Whilst they are walking, Strag becomes dehydrated and falls unconscious, collapsing in the sand, leaving Edyn and Tony to survive on their own. He wakes up later on in the episode.

Once Strag has awoken, the three Magi begin heading towards Sashadan, the only permanent d'Resh city, using a dune compass Edyn brought. Along the way Tony gains an Obsis after using it to defeat a Bone Grag.

Eventually, they encounter a Sandstone Gilla. During the battle, Tony climbs onto it's head and threatens to throw his animite inside it's stomache and magine his creatures there. The Gilla concedes defeat and sends Strag and Edyn back to Naroom. She then offers Tony the choice of switching places with them, when he refuses the Gilla flys off, leaving Tony alone in the desert to be devoured by creatures.

Tony then wakes up on top of the Gillas head, just before he threatened to throw the animite in it's mouth. She reveals that she is the Guardian Hyren of d'Resh, and that that was a test to see if Tony was worthy. The Hyren gives Tony the dreamstone and sends the three of them back to Naroom on a Quanjuel, to before the Quanjuels arrived in the first place.


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