Fird MND

Fird GBC

Dream Creature Information
Species Fird
CCG Information
Moonland Naroom
Expansion Set Voice of the Storms
Gameboy Information
Moonland Naroom

Fird is a Dream Creature native to Naroom which resembles a blue bird with a prominent tuft of feathers on its head. The different species of Fird are often associated with one or more type of Furok, with normal Firds accompanying Furok and Furok Guardian.

Magi-Nation Duel

Fird was released as a part of the Voice of the Storms expansion of Magi-Nation Duel.


A swarm of Firds is commanded by Furok through the latter's Flock ability. Magi-Nation (GBC)

Related Species


  • The quote on Fird's Magi-Nation Duel card is a reference to Surfin' Bird by the Trashmen.
  • The relationship between the Fird and the Furok is similar to that of the yellow-billed oxpecker and the black rhinoceros.

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