First Geyser
Season 1, Episode 7
S1E07 Shadow Geyser
Episode guide
"Enemy in the Sands"
"Arena Night"
Production Information
Air date November 3, 2007
Written by Edward Kay
Kevin Lund
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting Core

First Geyser is the seventh episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on November 3, 2007.


A Shadow Geyser appears in Naroom, and Edyn is taken prisoner in the Core. While Agram tries to use Edyn to gain knowledge from the Book of Elders, Edyn prepared herself with a spell of her own to keep her secrets safe.


Orwin leads a training exercise where Tony Jones, Strag, and Edyn are competing to see whose Dream Creature can launch the farthest attack. Afterwards, Edyn and Ugger are traveling together when a Shadow Geyser opens in the ground and Edyn falls in before her Ugger can save her.

Inside the Core, Korg and Zed have captured Edyn and take her to Agram's palace on the back of a flying Dream Creature while Tony, Strag, Orwin, and Ugger enter the Core through the Geyser.

Once inside Agram's palace, Edyn is thrown in a cell with another prisoner calling himself Dane'ane, who was captured for his ability to predict when Shadow Geysers would erupt. They escape the cell using a lock-pick that Dane'ane whittled.

Meanwhile, the Tony and the others are traveling through core, although the shifting landscape has prevented them from making much progress. Using techniques such as blazes and landmarks they manage to reach Agram's Palace, encountering a core creature along the way, which they defeat thanks to Orwin's creature, Shirdor.

Inside Agram's palace, Dana'ane reveals that he is actually Agram; he was only trying to trick Edyn into reading from the Book of Elders. He then casts a spell on Edyn, forcing her to read from the Book of Elders, to reveal the location of a Dreamstone, as well as several spells.

When Tony and the others arrive in Agram's palace, they are overwhelmed by Agram's powerful creatures; he then casts one of the spells Edyn read him, only to have it back-fire and freeze himself, as well as Korg and Zed. Edyn reveals that she cast a spell on herself before she arrived, to ensure that she would only be able to read Agram spells that are destructive to Core Magi.

Using Orwin's Shirdor, they escape from the Core and, with the help of Evu, manage to close the Shadow Geyser.

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