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Species Weaver Eliwan
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Moonland Weave
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Gia is a Magi from the Weave who lives with Eidon on a small farm. She has deep social ties to Naroom as a matriarchal figure and is deeply respected throughout the Moonlands for her knowledge. She rarely wastes times with pleasantries and often exercises her authority on various subjects.

Magi-Nation Duel

Gia was released as a Promotional card for Magi-Nation Duel. Her starting cards are Book of Ages, Bungaloo, and Weave Hyren.


Gia was questioned by Ashio about who was in charge of the Weave. Her response that no one was in charge because the Weave was a larger ecosystem inadvertently caused Ashio to resent seeming meaningless and to become a Shadow Magi. Weapons of Darkness

Gia adopted Iyori, the daughter of the Paradan Bazha and the Naroomi Koonee, when Koone died while giving birth. The Prodigal Daughter

When Tony Jones appeared in the Moonlands, Gia helped to train him as a Magi in order to face Agram. She was blamed by the Calder, Valkan, for the theft of Ashgar's key by Tony during this confrontation. Forest Fire

When a Calder party approached the Weave looking for the Shadow Magi, Lanyx, Gia had been replaced by the Shadow Magi, Nagsis. The impostor received word from Quirle, who was sent by the current Elder, Zaya, of a taint in the land and of the Calders burning the grasses of the weave. Taking the offensive instead of listening to Zaya, the impostor sent forces to decimate the Calder party in order to initiate a war between the Weave and Cald. The Unwanted Upon receiving word that Cald was at was with Orothe, the impostor Gia decided to seek an alliance with Orothe to combine their wars with Cald. The Great Relic Robbery

This more violent behavior caused Gia's adoptive daughter, Iyori, to flee to Paradwyn from the Weave due to accusations of treason. The possibility of something being wrong with Gia was noted by the Paradan Elder, Bazha, and the impostor was discovered by Kolte and later Iyori. A trapdoor in Gia's cellar containing the real Gia subsequently was discovered by the two Magi, and the real Gia was taken to Zaya.

While the impostor demonstrated the abilities of the Black Weave, Zaya revealed the fraud. After the impostor was defeated and transformed into Black Weave, the real Gia revealed herself to her people. In secret, Gia and Zaya monitored the Black Weave and eventually dispatched it with weed killer. The Prodigal Daughter These events concerning Gia's impostor were noted by Rayje while undercover. Fists of Rayje


Gia was supportive of the well being of the whole Moonlands and, due to detecting the future, sought out the help of Tony Jones. She also was able to use her abilities to follow Tony around undetected and to locate the whereabouts of the Core Stones.


  • Several aspects of Gia, such as her wisdom, guidance, and affiliation with an ancient tome, may have been incorporated into the animated version of Evu.

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