Giant Parathin

Giant Parathin MND

Giant Parathin GBC

Giant Parathin GBA

Dream Creature Information
Species Parathin
Animite Animite Orothe
CCG Information
Moonland Orothe
Expansion Set First Edition
Rarity Rare

Giant Parathin is a Dream Creature native to Orothe that resembles a massive sea turtle. While powerful, most Giant Parathin are used by the Orotheans more for underwater transportation and for platforms for cities instead of for fighting.

Magi-Nation Duel

Giant Parathin was included in the First Edition and Unlimited sets of Magi-Nation Duel.


Tony Jones uses a Giant Parathin to travel in Orothe in Magi-Nation (GBC) and Magi-Nation (GBA), though he never uses it in battle.

Related Species

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