Gorath MND

Gorath GBA


Dream Creature Information
Japanese Name ゴーラス
Animite Animite Core
CCG Information
Moonland Core
Expansion Set Awakenings
Gameboy Information
Moonland Core
Series Information
Moonland Core

Gorath is a Dream Creature native to the Core. He is a muscular brute whose green body is covered in spines, and he carries chains upon his back.

Magi-Nation Duel

Gorath was released as a part of the Awakenings expansion of Magi-Nation Duel.


Gorath replaced Jingjack in Magi-Nation (GBA).

Stat Initial Stat Levelup Gain Level 60 Stats
HP 137 2.5 150
STR 69 0.9 74
DEF 71 1.15 77
SPD 51 0.9 56
SKL 48 0.75 52
RES 67 0.95 72
* Averaged from a sample of 10. Individual results may vary.
Level Cost Target Effect Multiplier Regional Boost
Punch パンチ 55 5 energy Single target N/A 1.25 N/A
Choke おさえつけ 55 10 energy Single target Chance of skill -20 1.5625 N/A
Melody メロディ 55 12 energy All enemy Creatures Inflicts Confusion N/A N/A

TV Series

Gorath was given to Korg and Zed by Agram to help in attempting to capture Tony Jones, Edyn, and Strag. Gorath was able to overwhelm Edyn and Strag, but it was defeated by Tony's Furok. Return to Vash Naroom

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