Gruk UL

Gruk mug

Gruk GBA

Magi Information
Species Underling Eliwan
CCG Information
Moonland Underneath
Expansion Set First Edition
Gameboy Information
Moonland Underneath

Gruk is a mushroom farmer from the Underneath. She is very good friends with the Naroomi, Wence, though her sister, Ulk, suspects that the sentiments are more romantic. Like her sister, Gruk often chooses to avoid confrontations.


Gruk owned a mushroom farm deep within a mushroom forest of the Underneath. She complained of being unable to sleep due to hearing noises in her basement and owned a book on sleep deprivation. She was kidnapped by Korg and Zet when a Shadow Geyser erupted on her farm, though was rather unfazed by the experience. Magi-Nation (GBC)

Magi-Nation Duel

Gruk was released as a part of the First Edition and Unlimited sets of Magi-Nation Duel. Her starting cards are Agovo, Crystal Arboll, and Gloves of Crystal.


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