S1E08 Inara

S1E08 Shadow Inara

Magi Information
Species Eliwan
Series Information
Moonland Underneath / Core
First Appearance "Arena Night"

Inara is a Magi native to the Underneath. She has light blue mushrooms instead of hair.

TV Series

Inara was Strag's childhood friend. Upon reuniting him, she challenged him to an arena match for a trophy containing the Underneath's Dreamstone. She used an alleged shapeshifting Dream Creature called Trigash, later revealed to be three Creatures used in tandem with a Merge spell. After being disqualified for cheating, she revealed that the Dreamstone was a fake and that she was a Shadow Magi before fleeing. Arena Night

She then was pursued by Tony Jones, Strag, and Edyn through a cave network. Upon encountering the Underneath Guardian Hyren, she and Strag again dueled, this time for the real Dreamstone of the Underneath. Her Shadow Ormalet and Shadow Ormagon were defeated by Strag's Freep. After losing the battle, she was reverted to a normal Magi with Strag's Allegiance Relic. The Shadow You Know

Dream Creatures

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