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Moonland Unknown planet

The Invaders are a race of aliens which conquered Planet El. The social structure of the Invaders is based on a hierarchy where each caste possesses a unique biology. The lower caste comprises the AGAs while the upper castes comprise the GOHs and the KEWs. However, all of the Invaders share the common characteristics of possession a single gigantic eye, tentacles, and locomotion via hovering.

Magi-Nation Duel

Thousands of years ago, the Invaders conquered the Planet El, forcing the native Eliwan to retreat to their moon and found the Moonlands. As the Invaders were capable of traveling through the Dream Plane, the Eliwan had constructed a Dream Barrier to prevent the Invaders from following. The Invaders had been taught that the Eliwan were monsters who had ravaged the Invaders in ancient times.

Signaled by the Shadow Geyser made by Agram, the Invaders under TarnKEW constructed a Dream Cannon to use to destroy the Dream Barrier. ZeelorAGAthim then was launched by the Dream Cannon and landed near Arderial. Invader


The Invaders were going to be the primary antagonists of the aborted Magi-Nation: Invasion video game for the Gameboy Advance, where the Invaders would be repelled from a conquest of the Moonlands by awakening the Guardian Hyrens. source needed

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