Keeper's Quest
Keeper's Quest
Production Information
Release Date October 10, 2003
Distributor UlEvolution
Country of Origin United States
Media Information
Previous Medium Magi-Nation (GBA)
Following Medium Magi-Nation (TV series)

Magi-Nation: Keeper's Quest is a puzzle game based that was scheduled to be released in December of 2001 for the Game Boy Advance. However, due to bad timing, the game instead was released for PDA systems and cell phones on October 10, 2003 under UlEvolution.


Each Moonland is protected by a Keeper, a Magi who guards against wild Dream Creatures and Magi from the Core. Tony Jones now must travel the Moonlands to go through the Keeper's Trials to step up as the next Keeper. Throughout the Moonlands, the player must solve puzzles and discover secrets of the regions, including Moonlands not included in Magi-Nation (GBC).


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