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Moonland Core / Bograth
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Nightmare's Dawn
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Moonland Core
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Moonland Core
Voice Actor Alex Karzis

Korg is a Shadow Magi from the Core who serves Agram as a team with Zet. The two were the first Shadow Magi sent through the first Shadow Geyser to do Agram's bidding in the Moonlands. Korg's incompetence, however, is often the downfall of Zet's schemes.

Magi-Nation Duel

Korg was released as four cards of Magi-Nation Duel. His Promotional card uses the starting cards of Dryte Fiend and Arboll Stalker. His Awakenings card, Korg & Zet, uses the starting card of Shadow Cloak. His two Nightmare's Dawn cards, All-High King Korg, use the starting cards of Pyder, Gwaeg, and Tum.

Korg was one of the first Core Magi to reach the surface, traveling up via an unstable Shadow Geyser with Zet. source needed

Following the defeat of Agram, Korg and Zet fled from the other Magi until they reached the swamp region of Bograth, intending to hide there. Upon realizing that the locals had no leader, Zet tricked the populace into accepting Korg as their king in an attempt to get rid of him. source needed

After becoming king, Korg used his new position to start a war against Paradwyn as an excuse to smash things. This decision met its end when Rayje intervened and defeated Korg in a battle, driving back the Bograthians. source needed


Korg and Zet attempted to interfere with the plans of Tony Jones to close the Shadow Geysers but failed. Korg fought with Core Creatures including Black Agovo and several Grax, which Korg invoked quite slowly due to his stupidity.

TV Series

Korg was the incompetent and stupid partner of Zed. He received his Dream Creatures directly from Agram. source needed

CCG Gallery

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