Brave New Realm

Moonland Information
Environment Island
Creatures Korgzedia Creatures
Magi Korgzedia Magi
Relics Korgzedia Relics
Spells Korgzedia Spells
Location on Map

Korgzedia (also known as Zedkorgia) was a temporarily formed island that was created when the Arderial Dreamstone collided with Void Energy from a Shadow Geyser above Orothe. The island was named after Korg and Zed, the self-proclaimed rulers of the island.

TV Series

Korgzedia was formed after the Arderial Dreamstone fell off an Arderial cloud when the Final Dreamers did not complete their test without the Guardian Hyren's help. The Final Dreamers traveled to the island in pursuit of the Guardian Hyren of Arderial in order to relocate and obtain the realm's Dreamstone. The three found Korg and Zed amassing an army of mutant Dream Creatures with aspects fused from Orothe, Arderial, and the Core. Originally, the island was thought to be a fused island of the Dreamstone and Void Energy; however, the island eventually fell apart because the powers of evil from the Void Energy could not mix with the powers of good from the Dreamstone. Tony realized that the powers never actually merged at all and that the void energy had forged the island out of the Arderial Dreamstone only temporarily. Brave New Realm

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