Korremar MND

Korremar GBC

Magi Information
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Moonland Core / d'Resh
Expansion Set Awakenings
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Moonland Core / d'Resh

Korremar the Avatar is a Shadow Magi who was originally from d'Resh. He was one of the first generation of Shadow Magi corrupted under Agram.

Magi-Nation Duel

Korremar was released as a part of the Awakenings set of Magi-Nation Duel.

Following the defeat of Agram, Korremar led two of the refugee Shadow Magi, Harror and Lanyx, from the Weave to d'Resh. This journey was a trap, however, and Korremar had the two be captured by the natives of d'Resh in a ploy against the Core. source needed


Korremar encountered Tony Jones within Cald's Shadow Geyser. A close associate of Togoth, Korremar is loyal to Agram while being of a less malicious nature. His Dream Creatures include Core Grag, Borgor, and Kazor.


Korremar also uses a Core Hyren.


  • Harror and Korremar together are a reference to "Harold and Kumar."

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