Lava Arboll

Lava Arboll MND

Lava Arboll GBC

Lava Arboll GBA

Dream Creature Information
Japanese Name ラバ。アルボール
Species Arboll
Animite Animite Cald
CCG Information
Moonland Cald
Expansion Set First Edition
Gameboy Information
Moonland Cald

Lava Arboll is a Dream Creature native to Cald which resembles a body of red basalt with a central gem. Lava Arboll has two hands, and flames are produced from its body and wrists. These Creatures prey upon Arbolit in the wild. Because of the ability of Lava Arboll to fly and their relative comfort with flying over lava, they are ideal workers for building bridges.

Magi-Nation Duel

Lava Arboll was released as a part of the First Edition and Unlimited sets of Magi-Nation Duel.

GBC Game Data

Valkan once owned a Lava Arboll, which somehow escaped from him. Because of this loss, he required that Tony Jones obtain a Lava Arboll of his own in order to build a bridge to reach Cald's Shadow Geyser. Valkan will use Lava Arboll to build the bridge even should Tony destroy the ring. During the celebration of the Shadow Geyser being sealed, a citizen of Cald asked Tony to see a trick that was learned from a Lava Arboll. He then proceeded to generate an enormous fireball that ended up burning one of the townsfolk. Magi-Nation (GBC)

  • Location: Cald lava vents
  • Cost: 100 Animite, 1 Lava Arboll Animite
  • Initial Level: 20
  • Luck: 40
Stat Initial Stat Levelup Gain Level 60 Stats
HP 48 2.3 140
STR 27 1.2 75
DEF 19 1 59
SPD 23 1 63
SKL 28 1 68
RES 21 1 61
* Averaged from a sample of 10. Individual results may vary.
Level Cost Target Effect Multiplier Regional Boost
Punch パンチ 20 5 energy Single target N/A 1.25 N/A
Flame かえん 30 5 energy Single target N/A 1.25 Cald
Tackle タッフル 35 10 energy Single target N/A 2.5 N/A

Related Species


  • Lava Arboll is one of the few creatures in the GBC game to have an over-world sprite.
  • Lava Arboll's design is very close to that of Drakan.

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