The following is a list of the various references used on the Magi-Nation Wiki (MNW) for information or for images. As references, material should be referenced with the source template and may never be plagiarized.

Official References

The following sources are official materials and the primary media of Magi-Nation. All information from these sources is considered to be canonical.

Secondary References

The following sources are fan websites which cover the official material. Many of these websites have provided images in bulk from their focus media.

  • - Novelty's compilation of Magi-Nation Duel card scans and official fiction (images)
  • GameFAQs - FAQs, guides, and forums relating to Magi-Nation's GBC game

Other References

The following websites feature articles on Magi-Nation which connect to broader coverage but which are not from the fan base. Information from these sources may need to be verified with official sources.

  • TV Tropes - A repository of tropes found in the Magi-Nation media
  • Wikipedia - Overview of the Magi-Nation media

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