Makoor MND
Dream Creature Information
CCG Information
Moonland Bograth
Expansion Set Nightmare's Dawn

Makoor is a Dream Creature native to Bograth which is a walking ball with moss fur covering its body and twig-like limbs. Makoor has the ability to cause itself and other Bograthian Creatures to explode.

Magi-Nation Duel

Makoor was released as a part of the Nightmare's Dawn expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. This card's ability to trigger all Bograthian Creatures to explode, causing 3 damage per, is best used with an abundance of low-energy Creature cards and abilities to summon Dream Creatures quickly.

Olabra used a Makoor during the Bograthian invasion of Paradwyn. Unbeknownst to her allies, she plotted to use Makoor's ability in the penultimate battle to detonate the Dream Creatures of all the Bograthian Magi present during the skirmish, resulting in the Paradwyn Magi being defeated until the arrival of Rayje and Sinder. The War for Paradise

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