Ogar MND

Ogar GBC

Magi Information
Species Underling Eliwan
CCG Information
Moonland Core / Underneath
Expansion Set Awakenings
Dream's End
Gameboy Information
Moonland Core

Ogar is a Shadow Magi who was originally from the Underneath. She was sent by Agram through a Shadow Geyser to her original Moonland, the Underneath.

Magi-Nation Duel

Ogar was released as a part of the two sets of Magi-Nation Duel. Her Awakenings card, Ogar, has the starting cards of Black Agovo, Ugger, and Chaos Jile. Her Dream's End card, Sorrowing Ogar, has the starting cards of Agovo, Black Agovo, and Cleansing.

Ogar was originally an Underwarden and a close friend of her fellow-Underwarden, Ulk. Ogar began to see strange dreams sent by Agram, asking her to join him. She obliged, entering into a trance-like state and allowing the Core to form a Shadow Geyser in the Underneath.

After the Shadow Geyser was closed by Tony Jones, Ulk managed to convince Ogar to rejoin the Underneath through reminding her of a Korrit friend from their youth. When Ogar reverted into a normal Magi, she believed her several weeks' time as a Shadow Magi to have been a dream. The eventual realization of the weight of her actions caused her great sorrow. source needed


Ogar was the guardian of the Shadow Geyser in the Underneath. Her characteristic Dream Creatures are her Chaos Jiles which she treats like pet cats. She is the only source of Chaos Jile Animite. Her Chaos Jiles can use the multi-target Barrage and the energy-draining Consume abilities.

She encountered Tony Jones, who battled for her Core Stone. Early on, she used a Baloo Sap on her first Chaos Jile.

CCG Gallery

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