Olabra MND
Magi Information
CCG Information
Moonland Bograth
Expansion Set Nightmare's Dawn

Olabra (also known as 'Lobra) is the Magi Elder native to Bograth. Rather vindictive, she tends to look down on Magi who are less intelligent, or younder in Boria's case. She is referred to by Sinder as a witch and a hag.

Magi-Nation Duel

Olabra served as the elder of Bograth before and during Korg's reign as the region's king. She undermined Korg's position to unite the region's Magi and to invade the neighboring Moonland of Paradwyn. She served as Korg's second in command during the war. When Korg was defeated by Rayje, Olabra dumped his body in a river and replaced him as Bograth's queen.


  • At one point, Olabra's only ring was Makoor, but she doesn't start with one on her MND card.
  • Olabra was introduced in the Nightmare's Dawn release of Magi-Nation Duel.

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