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Picture of a cat

Cat Evu

CCG Information
Gameboy Information
Moonland Universal
User(s) Evu
Series Information

The picture of a cat is a painting of a cat found throughout the Moonlands. According to the historian of the Underneath, the picture can be turned in to a picture of a Weebo.


Twelve cat portraits are scattered throughout the Moonlands but are primarily located in and around Naroom. Interacting with the pictures often causes the image to meow like a cat.


  • Avoid the Agovos
  • Curio shop
  • Evu's house
  • Gia's house
  • Kid who likes Spooky Plants
  • Pruitt's Ring shop
  • Vash Naroom
  • Vash Naroom item shop
  • Valkan's hut
  • Wence's cabin
  • Windmill in the Weave


  • The picture of a cat in Tryn's house does not respond to interaction.

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