Quanjuel MND


Dream Creature Information
CCG Information
Moonland d'Resh
Expansion Set Voice of the Storms
Series Information
Moonland d'Resh
First Appearance "Enemy in the Sands"

Quanjuel is a Dream Creature native to d'Resh. Quanjuels are furry desert quadrupeds with numerous bony spikes.

Magi-Nation Duel

Quanjuel was released as a part of the Voice of the Storms expansion of Magi-Nation Duel. Quanjuel's card is tailored decks which make use of Recurring Creatures, though Quanjuel is not a Recurring Creature itself.

TV Series

Several Quanjuels, which are able to create portals through space and time, appeared in Orwin's library in Naroom. One of them then was taken by Korg and Zed upon stealing a scroll from the library. The other Quanjuels were used by Tony Jones, Strag, and Edyn to follow the thieves to d'Resh but then were scared off during an ambush.

Quanjuels again were summoned by the Guardian Hyren of d'Resh to send the three back in space and time to before the first Quanjuels appeared in Naroom. Enemy in the Sands

CCG Gallery

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