Magi Group Information
Species Eliwan
Gameboy Information
Moonland Variable

Ringsmiths (also known as Dreamsmiths) are Magi who forge rings out of Animite which then can be used to summon the respective Dream Creature in battle. Generally, only one Ringsmith or Dreamsmith operates within a given Moonland


Six ringsmiths are accessible, one each from the regions threatened by Agram's Shadow Geysers. To forge a ring, infused Animite retaining the essence of the Dream Creature is required. A Ringsmith can forge a ring with a certain amount of infused Animite plus a fee of regular, non-infused Animite.

Naroomi Dreamsmith - Pruitt
Underling Ringsmith - Fossik
Calder Ringsmith - Magam
Orothean Ringsmith - Orlon
Arderian Ringsmith - Lasada
Core Ringsmith

Battle for the Moonlands

Pruitt was a Dreamsmith and could forge Animite from the four involved Moonlands. Only Animite from the respective Dream Creature is required.


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