Salafy MND

Salafy GBC

Magi Information
Species Naroomese Eliwan
CCG Information
Moonland Naroom
Expansion Set Nightmare's Dawn
Gameboy Information
Moonland Naroom

Salafy is a young, blonde Magi from Naroom. She is the apprentice of Yaki and works in Naroom's training grounds.

Magi-Nation Duel

Salafy was released as a part of the Nightmare's Dawn expansion of Magi-Nation Duel.


Salafy was the apprentice of Yaki in Vash Naroom's training grounds. She trained Tony Jones upon his appearing in the Moonlands, holding back her full potential so that he could learn how to battle.

Upon the defeat of Agram, Salafy was below Orwin's mansion. Tony asked her out, but she did not realize Tony's intention.


Salafy's signature Dream Creature is Weebo, though she later gains a Twee, Vinoc, Furok, and three more Weebos. Her four Weebos, at level 99, learned Wreck, which is the most powerful Dream Creature ability. Salafy never uses any spells or items, although she is able to summon two creatures at the same time, an advanced technique she reportedly learned form Yaki. Her final strength is akin to, if not exceeding, that of both Morag and Agram.


  • Salafy is the only non-Shadow Magi that Tony can duel in Magi-Nation (GBC).
  • Salafy's ability to summon more than one Dream Creature in the GBC game is relatively unique to her, Yaki, and Agram.

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