Scrub the Brub
Scrub the Brub
Mini-game Information
Location Underneath
Cost 30 Animite
Prize 1 ticket per blue Brub
5 tickets per red Brub

Scrub the Brub is the second mini-game that can be played. It becomes available as soon as Tony Jones reaches the Underneath and is found in the southwest corner of the local town. After the closing of the Underneath Shadow Geyser, its location is moved to the northwest corner of Cald. Though a good source of tickets, the distance between the mini-game and the Curio Shop in Vash Naroom limits the efficiency.


The game consists of running around a field of nine holes. In these holes, a Brub will periodically pop up, which must be stepped on to earn points. Blue Brubs are worth 1 point each, while red Brubs are worth 5 points. At the end of 30 seconds, tickets are added equal to the number of points attained.

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