Seer GBC
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Species Naroomese Eliwan
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Moonland Naroom

The Seer is a Magi from Naroom who lives in a boat house north west of Vash Naroom. He is a respected physician who goes by the titles of "Magnificent Magician" and "Omniscient Enchanter" due to his appraisal of his own abilities.


The door of his house was initially locked, but was later open after being mentioned by a woman nursing Orwin after he was poisoned by a Shadow Geyser. Tony Jones later went to the Seer's boat house where the house's alarm goes off when Tony touched a chest in his house containing the Grow spell. The Seer appeared out of nowhere to meet Tony and to hear of Orwin's condition. The Seer then went to Vash Naroom to examine Orwin, telling Tony that only a Cloud Frond could cure Orwin. After seeing Orwin, the Seer allowed Tony to take his spell with no objection.

The Seer also hinted at how to obtain Ormagon. After the defeat of Agram, if Tony decided to return to Vash Naroom to celebrate then the Seer would ask Tony whether he wanted to play guessing games.


  • After the Seer directed Tony to obtain the Cloud Frond to cure Orwin, the Seer would only speak in random sentences (like "Step on, no pets!").

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