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Moonland Information
Environment Prison
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Surface Moonlands
Shadow Hold

The Shadow Hold (also stylized as Shadowhold) is a shadowy location between the surface Moonlands and the Core which served as a prison and a laboratory.

Magi-Nation Duel

The Shadow Hold was developed during Agram's Shadow Geyser plan by Morag as a half-real, half-dream location.Invader During that time, the Magi under Tuku accessed the Shadow Hold through a transporter circle. Amara's Story Morag had since attempted to establish further anchors with the real world in the surface Moonlands. Invader At some point, the Shadow Hold was accessed by Amara and Sorreah through a transporter circle in Arderial. Upon being chased by Core Creatures, they were forced to activate the entrance to the Core. Amara's Story


The Shadowhold was a bleak prison with a dark and unsanitary atmosphere. Core Creatures, including the unique Kletch and Sarbil as well as Borgor and Spindle, would randomly attack throughout the area, and Jingjacks hid in trapped chests. Two Shadow Magi were left to guard the prison.

Tony Jones was imprisoned in the Shadowhold after being captured by Morag after destroying the Shadow Geyser in Cald. Upon being rescued by an Arderian Magi who forced the cell open, Tony was able to free the other prisoners while being attacked by native Creatures or to choose the easy route and just locate his belongings and escape.

Shadow Hold Prisoner
Prisoners could be freed by finding Shadow Keys throughout the dungeon. Upon freeing the prisoners, certain cells containing levers could be accessed in order to open hidden doors in the walls and venture deeper into the Shadowhold. Eventually, these secret passages led to a room unlocked by a special key on the bottom of a screwdriver in order to find the Cloud Frond needed to cure Orwin.

Any prisoners freed were returned to their Moonland and would give Tony a valuable item, ranging from a Master Rune to a Water of Life, as thanks for being rescued. Tony could exit the Shadowhold through the the western doorway by jumping from the bridge at the end where he would be rescued by Blu and taken to Oscent Mar.


  • Saving while in the Shadowhold was impossible in the GBC game but was fixed in the GBA version.

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