Magi Information
Species Eliwan
Series Information
Moonland Core
First Appearance "The Ultimate Dream Creature"
Voice Actor Sean Cullen

Shalax was a thief and bounty hunter employed by Agram to capture the Mythicore to obtain Paradwyn's Dreamstone. As a hunter, he displays a wealth of knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the creatures of the Moonlands. Shalax is talkative and seems to enjoy sarcasm and sly barbs to distract his enemies.

TV Series

Shalax used his relics to spy on Furok, Freep, and Ugger, later stealing control of them with a Control Relic to keep the Final Dreamers from interfering with his confrontation with the Mythicore. While he owns at least a pair of Dark Tillants, he preferred to use trickery and relics in battle. He was defeated when Tony, Edyn, and Strag distracted him long enough for the Mythicore to regain its strength and magine a pack of Vineyenas to chase him off. The Ultimate Dream Creature

He later, alongside several other Shadow Magi, watched the Cawh take on the Magi Resistance. source needed

After being arrested, Shalax gained the protection of the Final Dreamers due to having valuable information concerning the safety of the Moonlands. Due to his interest in taxonomy, he was working on a book to compile his knowledge of Dream Creatures. Tony attempted to befriend Shalax over their common interest in taxonomy, but Shalax instead tricked Tony and nearly escaped. source needed

At some point prior to his capture, Shalax stole and hid Dream Creatures belonging to a Paradan guard named Myrv. In a poorly thought out attempt to get them back, Myrv ambusheed the Final Dreamers, accidentally freeing Shalax. Shalax then encountered Ashio only to find out that, due to his failure and the risk of sensitive information getting into the hands of the Magi Resistance, Agram wanted him silenced. Thankful for Tony's helping him to organize his book and for the Final Dreamers' saving his life, Shalax assisted them in defeating Gorgram and Ashio and freely offered his information. source needed

Shalax made the decision to quit his life of thievery and become a biologist and researcher of Moonlands' Creatures. source needed

Shalax later attended the party celebrating Agram's defeat. source needed

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