The Depths of Courage
Season 1, Episode 11
S1E11 Orothe
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"Cloud Cover"
"Fiery Betrayal"
Production Information
Air date December 1, 2007
Written by Edward Kay
Directed by Paul Hunt
You-Won Paeng
Series Information
Setting Orothe

The Depths of Courage is the eleventh episode of the first season of Magi-Nation. It aired on December 1, 2007.


When a spell is cast on the Book of Elders, the trio are sent to Orothe during the celebration of the defeat of the Cawh. When Tony's relation to the region's hero, Spencer Jones, is questioned, Tony must defeat the Cawh himself.


Tony, Strag, and Edyn read the next clue in the Book of Elders. After the clue vanishes they ask Evu; she tells them that they should go to the Deeps of Orothe to find the caster of the spell that vanished the clue.

The three magi head to Orothe in a Parathin, where Furok mentions that he has been there before. When they arrive, the Orotheans are having a parade to celebrate the vanquishing of the Cawh , when a great magi defeated a Cawh that was endangering Orothe.

When Tony summons Furok, the Orotheans gather in amazement, they tell him that Furok is the same one used by the Magi who vanquished the Cawh, the magi was Spencer Jones, Tony's Grandfather. An Orothean named Borse accuses Tony of stealing Furok and challenges him. Borse defeats Tony with his Allio and declares Tony an imposter.

Tony is upset over losing to Borse, and about Furok and his Grandpa not telling him about anything. After magining Furok to explain, he tells Tony that he was the only Creature Spencer could ever magine. Strag gives the other two magi Orothean Belts, which grant them the underwater abilities of the Orotheans so they can go after Borse, who stole their Parathin. He ambushes them and tries to throw Tony in the cage that keeps the Cawh, but the Cawh escapes and goes on a rampage, easily defeating the Orothean's Creatures.

Working together, Tony, Strag, Edyn and the Orotheans manage to lure the Cawh back to it's cage. Borse appologizes for doubting them. and reveals that Evu was the caster of the spell. She had set this all up so that Tony could learn about his grandfather.

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