Magi Information
Species Orothean Eliwan
Series Information
Moonland Orothe
First Appearance "The Depths Of Courage"

Trup'tika is female Magi who lives in the ocean of Orothe. Like other Orothians, she has a mermaid tail and gills.

TV Series

Trup'tika helped Tony, Edyn, and Strag to find a specific Magi in Orothe, who cast a spell on the Book of Elders. Tony had a crush on her which he tries to hide from Strag and Edyn. {Beware the Realm Raiders; The Abysmal Truth}

Trup'tika was later captured by the Realm Raiders, a group of Magi pirates, along with Tony, Edyn and Strag. Using her Karak Band, she then helped the three to defeat the Realm Raiders and to escape with the Book of Elders. Beware the Realm Raiders

Trup'tika also tried to cheer Tony up about his grandfather, Spencer Jones, being in a strange mood. Trup'tika believed in Tony because he, as well as Edyn and Strag, had saved Orothe twice. {The Abysmal Truth}

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