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Also known in Magi-Nation Duel as the Daughter of Runes, Tryn
Tryn MND

Original Card Image

is a magi native to the Naroom region of the Moonlands. While she is a fairly prominent character in the card game, she only makes a minor appearance in the GBC game. While she does not appear in Magi-Nation's TV Series, the design of one of its main characters, Edyn, is based on her's.

The Magi-Nation Duel plotline shows her befriending and engaging in a romantic relationship with the Cald warlord, Barak. As a result of the time she spends in the Cald, in later versions of her card, she gains the abilities of a Cald magi alongside her identity as a Naroom magi.

In the cartridge game, Tryn is given two twin cousins from the Cald, Eryn and Karyn who stay in her house for a latter part of the game.

Card Text

Tryn at home

Tryn at home

Tryn was included in the initial release of Magi-Nation Duel:

Card Type: Naroom Magi

Starting Energy: 14

Energize: 5

Starting: Rudwot, Hood of Hiding, Grow

Power - Refresh: Choose any one Creature in play. Add two energy to the chosen Creature.

"It never hurts to be her friend."

-Poad, Naroom Innkeeper

Illus. by Holmberg, Vega

Copyright2000 Interactive Imagination Corp.


  1. Tryn's hair color changes from orange to blonde in Magi-Nation's GBC game.
  2. The picture of a cat in Tryn's house cannot be talked to.

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