Vortex Orish

S1E10 Vortex Orish


Dream Creature Information
Species Orish
Series Information
Moonland Arderial
Partner(s) Zed
First Appearance "Cloud Cover"

Vortex Orish is a Dream Creature native to Arderial which resembles a djinn with powers over the wind. Its has tanned skin, pink horns, and pale green hair.

TV Series

Vortex Orish was used by Zed to fight alongside Nimbulo and Korg during a battle against Tony Jones, Strag, and Edyn. Cloud Cover


Battle for the Moonlands

Orish is one of the five forgeable Arderian Creatures in Battle for the Moonlands. Fifteen Orish Animite are required to forge Orish.


  • Attack - DRAIN up to 18 EN (1 Opponent Unit)
  • Power Up - RAISE STRG by 10 pts for 4 turn (1 Team Unit)
  • Power Up - RAISE WSDM by 8 pts for 4 turn (1 Team Unit)
  • Attack - DRAIN up to 12 EN (1 Opponent Unit)

Related Species


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