Water States Relic

S1E17 Water States Relic

CCG Information
Gameboy Information
Series Information
Moonland Nar
User(s) Sikan
First Appearance "Frozen Fortress"

The Water States Relic is a unique Relic that can freely change water between the states of ice, liquid, and vapor.

TV Series

The Water States Relic was used by Sikan in a battle against Tony Jones, Edyn, and Strag. The Relic later was offered to Strag to try to persuade him to join Agram after Sikan noticed his admiring the Relic. Strag, however, declined the Relic. Upon Sikan's being defeated and imprisoned in the Nar Gaurdian Hyren's dungeon, Strag took the Relic for himself. Frozen Fortress

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