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Weebo 3

Card Image

Weebo are small, mushroom like quadrupedal Dream Creatures that live on the forest grounds of Naroom. They are modeled after mushrooms found in forests, and in fact, are referred to as "Forest Mushrooms." They are apparently eaten by the local Magi and are regarded somewhat as pest creatures. Like many Naroom themed cards, Weebos can be used to add energy to other Creatures.

Weebos are famous in Magi-Nation's GBC game for learning one of the strongest available Abilities, Wreck, at level 99 despite otherwise being considered the game's weakest creature.

GBC Game Data

Weebo GBC
Location: Naroom Forest, Naroom Glade, Naroom Shore, Salafy, Seer's House, Weave

Cost: 15 Animite, 2 Weebo Animite
Initial Level: 1
Luck: 50

Stat Averages

Stat Initial Stat Averages Average Levelup Gain Level 60 Average Stats
HP: 5 2.3 141
STR: 2 1.2 73
DEF: 2 0.95 58
SPD: 7 0.6 42
SKL: 5 0.6 40
RES: 3 0.95 59
Weebo GBC 2


Level Up
Level 15: Mend
Level 45: Spore
Level 99: Wreck


Averages are an estimation, calculated from a sample of 10. Personal results may vary.

Online Game Data



Description: This popular woodland mushroom creature is an amazingly powerful friend.
Cost: 9 Weebo Animite


  • Attack - DRAIN up to 16 EN (1 Opponent Unit)
  • Healing - RESTORE up to 14 EN (1 Team Unit)
  • Paralyze - PARALYZE for up to 2 turns (1 Opponent Unit)
  • Steal - STEAL up to 8 EN to heal this Unit (All Opponent DC)

Card Info

Japanese Weebo

GBA Sprite

Weebo's was introduced in the First Edition release of Magi-Nation Duel:

Card Type: Naroom Dream Creature

Starting Energy: 2

Power - Vitalize (Costs 2 Energy): Choose any one Creature in play with less than its starting energy. Restore the creature to its starting energy.

"Don't eat wild forest mushrooms... unless they're wild orange forest mushrooms with feet."

-Wence, Adventurer

Illus. Holmberg/Vega

Copyright2000 Interactive Imagination Corp.

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  1. Poad reportedly keeps the door to his inn closed to 'keep the weebos from getting into his flour.'
  2. Despite being a mushroom creature, Weebo is Naroom elemental, and in fact, does not even appear in the Underneath.
  3. Weebo is also the name of a small, robotic character (the professor's assistant) in the film: Flubber.

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